Internet usage rate in Portugal and EU: increases with the level of formal educational attainment (2016)
Since 2009, the use of internet by the Portuguese population has increased. However, Portugal is still positioned within the lower levels of internet usage rate compared with the other European Union countries. In the EU there is a more frequent usage of internet among young people and people with higher school attainment.
Human development (HDI) in 2015 in the world and Portugal
In 2015, Africa continues to show the lowest Human Development index among the other regions of the globe. In the southern hemisphere the countries with medium or low human development level predominate, whereas in the northern hemisphere almost every country achieves a high or very high score.


Street with tramway rails in Lisbon, Portugal
Income inequality in Portugal and in Europe: the impact of austerity?
By: Renato Miguel do Carmo &              Ana Rita Matias
In the European countries affected by austerity measures and structural adjustment programmes (Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain), data shows a significant increase in income inequalities. 
Inequalities in Portugal: recent and structural trends
By: Renato Miguel do Carmo, Frederico Cantante and Margarida Carvalho 
                                                                                                                                                           Social inequalities are multidimensional and affect different sectors of society. This paper will present data regarding several dimensions of inequality.


Austerity in education, by Rosário Mauritti, Maria do Carmo Botelho, Nuno Nunes, Daniela Craveiro
desigualdades em questãoDesigualdades em Questão, by Renato Miguel do Carmo & António Firmino da Costa (ed.)  
Imagem_capa_wpReconfigurations and positioning of the concept of social mobility in the social sciences literature, by Magda Nico   
Imagem_capa_wpThe constitution of a European inequality area, by António Firmino da Costa,  Rosário Mauritti, Susana da Cruz Martins, Nuno Nunes, Ana Lúcia Romão  


Research on Inequality and Migration under Threat
It is difficult to understand, and completely unacceptable, that academic research centres get downgraded due to their focus on inequality and migration. Yet, this is about to happen in the evaluation that FCT, the agency responsible for science funding in Portugal is conducting on all the country’s research centres. 
Against the Odds: Disadvantage Students Who Succeed in School
Portugal is one of the OECD countries that has a higher proportion of resilient students, although their proficiency levels tend to be low.


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